Behaviors Russian Women Hate

Women in every society and country have things they don’t accept. Russian women are not the exception and below you will find the behaviors you better avoid when courting a Russian woman.

Dirty mouth. No woman likes a man using bad language. Be attentive to what you say or write during your communication with your Russian bride not to scare her off. If an occasional slipup will be considered normal, the abundance of bad words in your speech will ruin everything.

Closed mind is a bad way to get to know a Russian lady. Since you two come from different countries, different cultures have different views and opinions on many things it is very important to be open to everything new when courting a Russian lady. Debates are ok, but please show respect to her country, culture and opinions as otherwise, you would look a real jerk in her eyes and you don’t want that.

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No one likes stubborn people. Having a rigid point of view you risk becoming annoying and irritating. Listen to her points of views and if it is necessary there is nothing bad about changing your mind.

Uneducated men turn Russian women off. Even if you don’t have post-university or college degree a basic knowledge of geography, history, economy, current events in the world will keep your Russian lady’s interest.

Men with lack of sense of humor or poor humor are not attractive in the eyes of Russian women. A good sense of humor is one of the top turns on among Russian women. When corresponding with a Russian lady include funny stories, hilarious jokes in your letters. Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself when you make something silly or say something wrong. Listen to her jokes and laugh with her. Men taking life too seriously are not interesting to be around.

Russian women like ambitious men with plans for life. Lack of goals just turns them off. Share your hopes, plans and dreams with a Russian lady to attract her attention.


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