Best Free Dating Apps (An Exotic Dancer’s Experience)


I’m a 41-year-old exotic dancer who jumps out of big cakes to surprise 20-year-old boys that are young enough to be my sons. Since I’ve been in the exotic dance industry for 22 years, I’ve dated many high-profile men that I met through my work (yes, many rich men pay me to perform exotic shows). And I’ve been using various free dating apps to land wealthy men since 2015. Over four years, I’ve learned a ton about how to use the best dating apps.

Brilic dating app is my No. 1 recommendation because I’ve met four rich guys within one month on this app. On average, I basically met one millionaire man per week here. Like I said before, I’m already 41 years old and I don’t think 20-year-old boys will be interested in me five years later, so I urgently need to find a rich husband who will take care of me so that I can retire from the exotic dance industry forever. And Brilic dating app didn’t disappoint me. Currently I’m dating four wealthy guys at the same time because I haven’t decided which one suits me most yet. But I’m pretty sure I’ll get married soon.

As the most prestigious millionaire dating app, Millionaire Match is another favorite free dating app of mine. Joining this app is totally free, but if you want to have better luck, you probably need to invest a bit in this app and make it work for you. A girlfriend of mine worked as the customer service officer of Millionaire Match dating app and now she is married to a millionaire! What happened was a rich man contacted the customer support team and was attracted to her, so they met each other and got married. Well, as to my experience, I really think this is the best rich men dating app on the market because my ex-boyfriend met me on this app and he was my sponsor for several years.

Dine dating app is a fine dating app that allows its members to meet each other for dinner dates. I thoroughly enjoyed every dinner that I got for free through this app. Those gentlemen were so gentle, generous and fun. They not only paid for my dinner, but also gave me a good time. Again, this app is free to join, but in order to get lucky, you might need to invest a bit and make your profile stand out. Since hot women get free dinners anyway, so overall, it’s still a free dating app for pretty ladies. But if you are an ugly or fat woman, please stay away from this app because men probably won’t pay for your dinner. Sorry for my honesty, but I’m trying to help you save money.

Tinder is probably the most well-known free dating app on the market, and it works pretty well for me. Almost every single person that I know has tried Tinder at some stage. I think it’s very well done because its database is the biggest in the world. My idol Gala Darling (a blogger that I really look up to) met her ex-boyfriend on Tinder when she was living in New York. Now they have probably broken up already according to Gala Darling’s recent YouTube videos, but her story inspired me to join Tinder two years ago and I found several good men there. We had casual relationships and enjoyed every minute.

Bumble is absolutely free if you are happy with the 24-hour valid period, meaning if there is a match, you can talk to that person within 24 hours after you two are matched. Basically, only women can start conversations with men, so I felt very empowered and powerful on this free dating app. I think everyone should try Bumble because if you are a woman, you can select who you want to talk to & if you are a man, women automatically contact you first, so why not?

OKCupid has a very popular dating website, and now it’s also a free dating app. It’s totally free because it monetizes its product by selling ads. Therefore, chances are you can meet a large number of people here. Personally, I was quite happy with the results that I got because I hooked up with a few men on OKCupid and they were amazing in bed. So, I think anyone looking for hook-ups and casual flings should try this app for fun. But please note that many daters on OKCupid dating app are actually looking for serious, long-term relationships. Therefore, you’d better clarify what you are looking for in the first place, so that nobody will be hurt.

I used to join What’s Your Price in order to make some money on the side because I just love money! This is how it works: a female member and a male member decide how much money the generous member would like to pay the hot woman if she goes out with him for a date. If you are a pretty woman, you can totally join this free dating app because you’ll make money from it even if you upgrade your membership (that’s your business expense, so in the end, it’s still free…and lucrative).

I’m pretty sure that both What’s Your Price and Seeking are owned by Brandon Wade, the inventor of all sugar daddy dating sites and wealthy dating apps. I’m eternally grateful to Brandon Wade for his inventions because without Seeking dating app, I probably wouldn’t become who I am today. I’ve travelled the world simply because I joined Seeking dating app a few years ago and met a few sugar daddies who paid for all my international trips with them. By the way, Seeking is a free dating app for me because I used a university email address to create my account on Seeking (I’m a part-time university student studying English). If you aren’t a university student, it’s probably not a free dating app for you. And it’s definitely not free for sugar daddies and sugar mommas.

KinkD dating app is another free dating app that works pretty well for me. Well, technically, it’s not really free because a user has to pay a small fee. But for me, it’s actually free because I use this app to generate leads, i.e. I meet my clients here. This is how it works for me: I’m an exotic dancer, so I need to find customers who want to buy my service. I became a member on KinkD and met many qualified leads who are already interested in something kinky, e.g. an exotic dance. I’ve performed pole dance, lap dance, burlesque and twerking. Basically, I’m a stripper! I’d like to admit that clients on KinkD are great – they paid me very well and I enjoyed their companion. By the way, I not only provide services such as exotic dance, but also sell my body for money occasionally (if the guy is hot or rich, I’m happy to do that). Please don’t judge me! Otherwise, I’ll cry! Thank you! Well, having said that, prostitution is legal in my state (Queensland, Australia). Anyway, Brisbane, the capital of Queensland is also known as Las Vegas in Australia, so you’ve got the gist!

LoveAgain dating app is one of the best dating apps that I enjoyed, but people told me that recently it’s become a bit different because it started to charge a small fee. I have to say that dating apps are businesses; they are not charities. So, you shouldn’t use all of their services for free anyway.

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