Contact Africa Dating Agency for the Company of Gorgeous Women

sexyblackBelonging to a country like Belgium, my family was urging me to date a Belgian or a European woman. They were against the idea of my dating someone from America, Asia or Africa. However, I was interested in African women. I thought so because they make the best partners. They are strong and independent. I found these qualities very attractive in a woman. It had been my erstwhile desire to date someone who belongs to Africa. I was done dating Belgian women.

As a result, I made my mind to contact an Africa dating agency. A friend of mine had recommended an online dating website. I followed his instructions and looked into that particular website. The website showcased profiles of several women. I went through everyone’s profile with utmost detail before zeroing down on either of them. Out of all the profiles, I liked the profile of a Nigerian girl. She had completed her post graduation and was working in a well established firm now. I was highly amazed with her accomplishments. The idea of talking to her occurred to me. I introduced myself to her. After a formal introduction, we asked each other about our respective backgrounds. She belonged to a well to do family. Soon after, we started talking about our childhood. Also, we shared some of the best memories that we have experienced in our lifetime.

I was thrilled to learn that even she loved travel and photography. It feels good to learn that you have someone who shared the same interests as you. Furthermore, she told me that she wanted to have a successful career as a fashion designer. I was impressed by the fact that she was ambitious. This was also something that we had in common. I was highly focused on my goals and wanted to be a well known writer. We both were happy that we had a creative side to ourselves.Bikini girl portrait

Also, she was a foodie. Even I was a big fan of gastronomy. As a result, we decided that every time we met we would explore a bistro or a restaurant. I asked her out after two months. I was hoping for her to reply in affirmative. I danced with joy when she agreed to go out with me. After dating for a year or so, I decided to take the plunge. I was about to ask her to marry me. I was highly nervous before doing so. However, I asked her the question fearlessly. She immediately said a yes. I felt exhilarated. That was probably the best moment of my life.

We will be celebrating our second marriage anniversary tomorrow. My family is elated that I am married to a woman who is affectionate and selfless. I am glad to say that she has been there for me even when things got tough. I am happy to have someone who urges to pursue my passion. She is extremely supportive. I wish to thank Africa dating for giving me my life partner. I am content with my life now.