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If you have decided to try your luck and win the heart of Costa Rica women, then make some efforts and follow our advice.

When people date for a long time, they have a million common themes for conversation. They can talk for hours without stopping for a minute. Quite a different situation is observed when people only recently met, for example, on a first date. You do not yet know the person, her tastes, her preferences, desires, plans, moments of biography. You’re not sure what you can ask, but what you cannot. While communication awkward pauses often arise, we have to look for more and more new topics to talk with the girl. And if you also get a not very talkative young lady who answers questions in monosyllables, and you yourself are not the best speaker, then it is possible with a high degree of probability to say that the first date will be a failure. What to do in order not to search frantically for topics to talk with a girl?

Make a wonderful first date – the task is not easy for the guy and for the girl. Both are worried, both want everything to go wonderfully and a desire to meet again. And yet the guys have to find it more difficult, because they need to take care not only about the place of the meeting, paying bills, appearance, but also dragging the burden of conversation on their shoulders, filling in awkward pauses. You do not have to constantly look for new topics to talk with a girl, now and then reviving a lingering conversation if you:

  • You will learn to speak beautifully.
  • You will read many books – they enrich the vocabulary and expand the horizon.
  • You will take care of your self-development and self-education in order to be able to support the conversation on different topics.

If you do not read anything other than comic books, do not care about anything, you cannot connect two words, then it’s hard to expect a successful first date. Every young person should have his own list of topics and on-duty questions that can save even the most sluggish conversation. If you do not have such a list, then it’s time to get it. That’s why we are ready to help and provide a list of some neutral topics that will serve you well on your first date.

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  • Biography (yours and the girl with whom you have a date).
  • Plans for the future and dreams (it’s unlikely that anyone will immediately share the hidden dreams with you, but it’s easy to outline your plans for the future or describe how she sees herself in 10 years).
  • Questions are standard: “Favorite singer / band / song?”, “The concerts she visited?”, “Whose concert would she like to go”, Etc.
  • Literature (to talk about literature, you need to read books and invite a young lady to a meeting, who also reads them).
  • Cinema – there’s a lot of work here: “Favorite movie?”, “Which movie do you expect to premiere?”, “Do you like to go to the cinema or do you prefer to watch videos in your home atmosphere”, “Favorite actor / actress / director?”, Etc.