Crisis in a relationship between a foreigner and Russian woman.

Russian womanEcaterina thirty two years old has wrote a letter about the problem that concerning her. She met an Italian officer through the internet, whom she met before he went to Kosovo where he has served for five months. All this time they were corresponding with each other. He told her that he loves her (she didn’t really believed those words), but when he came back to Venice, he started to forget her a little, if she is not writing answer to his letter than he doesn’t write again either, this way she feels that he doesn’t have enough time for her, but he keeps convincing her that he loves her, and at the same time he does nothing, as he is neither planning to pay her a visit, nor inviting her to visit him. So she is concerned and doesn’t know what to do whether to continue communicating, or to finish this not bringing anywhere relationship. So Ecaterina has asked an advice what to do further, maybe people will see her situation from a different angle.

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Well this is the kind of situation in which no one can give a proper advice, only heart knows what to do, and how to do that. Everything depends on the things you want, and whether they are same as the aims of the partner, it is important to divide the reality from the illusions that we all create from time to time in our own mind. While correspondence is a different thing, because people can do it for years in a row. A good advice will be to make a complete order in your own mind, realize what you want, explain to your partner and give him a choice, whether to accept them and walk path in path with you, or not to accept them and stop the not leading anywhere communication.


The aim of this article is not to bring some professional help, but to be a source of information for people who really need it, and are looking for some support. My primary advice is before looking for some professional help or advice, it is better to listen to your own intuition, conscience and to see the things that make sense.

Where is a huge variety of dating websites if looking for it in the internet, before starting to look for one it is better to make a plan in your own head, of the things that you want, such as simple communication or family?  And if the plan is creation of family, than it is important to show it from the beginning, what are your dreams, hopes and aspirations from the communication. How you envision its development, and so on. Love is blind, but you should not be blind with it.

While choosing a matchmaking website, it is necessary to look at such important things whether it is free of charge or not, some of the websites say that they are free, but for some reason they require the number of the credit card while placing a profile.

My personal recommendation is to realize very well what is the purpose of your being on the website and as soon as you will realize, whether it is playing games, or looking for something serious, it is friendship and desire to make the time fly faster, or really something important, you will know what to do further, and how to act yourself. It is important to keep in mind that if you are playing games, and pretend that you want a serious relationship than in reality it is not quite true, than it is a must to know that this way you are wasting not your time only, but also the time of the person who is communicating with you, and who despite everything is being honest and full of hopes to find that one special person in life. What goes around, always comes back around, so do only good things and they will always come back to you.