How to avoid typical mistakes during the first gay experience

first gay experience

Many teenagers are in quest of their real sexuality. Thanks to the special educational program at schools and sometimes even in kindergartens, youngsters are able to define their preferences early enough. But what if it’s hard to be sure until one tries? There are many doubts and mixed feelings taking place in a teenager’s life before his first time gay sex.

  1. Friendship happens to be very strong and affectionate. Chemistry is possible too. But before making any further steps, one should define whether it’s something more meaningful than hormonal storms; whether it’s mutual; and whether both are in the right age, emotional state and situation to proceed with their passion. Yes, it’s kind of hard to analyze anything when you’re so young and horny but otherwise, the consequences can be more torturous than patience.first time gay sex.
  2. Curiosity brings young people to the gay clubs or makes them give it a try with a gay neighbour. Usually, this kind of experience is already enough to understand whether it’s your thing or not. But some individuals are able to enjoy sex only when certain feelings are developed which doesn’t happen in a club or in the dark corner. That’s why their first gay experience doesn’t reveal much truth about themselves.
  3. Confidence that one is certainly gay because he used to fall in love only with other boys or older men in the past, finally makes him search on gay dating sites. Some of them can literally scare away with all that aggressive pornographic content but others are elegantly designed and offer quite intellectual information such as personality or compatibility tests and questionnaires, articles, and interesting forums. Gay chat online helps to share sexual fantasies and find like-minded persons located next to one’s home.
  4. Finally, coincidence makes some guys experience their first sex with men without realizing or even allowing it. It includes very frank and rude offers from other Internet users on the sites that aren’t meant for dating or virtual sex, for example, the applications and communities for gamers. Such a negative experience can bring only to rejecting the same-sex thing even if this destroying behavior is later adopted by the abused person.many older gays

Staying focused on positive 1 – 3 categories, we would highly recommend to prepare well for one’s first time gay sex. Unfortunately, being spontaneous is absolutely unacceptable. Nowadays, no one cares to know anything about their sexual partners and rarely asks them about medical documents confirming the absence of HIV/AIDS or venereal diseases, but using condoms for all kinds of intimate contact is vitally essential. No matter how boring it sounds, it should be taken into account as many older gays sadly confessed how much they regret not being cautious in their early years.

Online safety is also crucial. Don’t reveal your real name until you are sure about the person, and never give your real address or even a part of it. The same concerns your parents’ names, their job places, your faculty and any other personal data. Use special extensions to change your VPN and any extra tricks you may know.

If to do everything right, first gay dates can be fun and memorable. Discovering one’s real needs and favourite roles in a bed is always healing and informative. The majority of young gays admit that their first gay experience definitely brought them to the next personal and social level. Why so?

Our sexual life is closely connected with our other goals in life and inner potential. Self-realization and sexual satisfaction bring us peace and motivation to become successful in other areas too. After establishing a stable relationship or at least fulfilling their fantasies, many young gays found great jobs or started a little business with their relatives’ help. That’s a fact! Those who tend to be less independent and search for sugar daddies, also get closer to their goal. The only thing that hurts and ruins one’s life, is doing nothing about his needs and desires. Many gay dating apps are free so it costs you nothing to try gay chat online and observe your reactions. But the benefits of being honest with yourself can be tremendous.

Here are some of the tips on how to get the maximum profit from chatting:

  • decide for yourself in advance what you are interested in: virtual sex, finding a like-minded friend, finding a real-life lover located close to you, finding a sponsor, or just having fun online;
  • filter or even block those guys who are out of your area of interests and your main goal;
  • check your physical reactions and your inner voice while talking with someone who responds to your interests;
  • if it’s all fine, let it flow but never forget about safety.

Done! You just made a step towards a happier future and a better understanding of your true self. Now don’t mess up your first gay experience in real life.

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