How to deal with your Ukrainian woman’s parents

russiancouplesYou’ve been going out with your Ukrainian lady for some time, you are both enjoying the relationship, but soon you learn that her parents would like to meet you

Don’t panic!

This article is meant to prepare you for the meeting which all men dread. It can be a bit overwhelming at first, and it will sure not be easy, but with little bit of help you will manage to survive it and leave a good impression.

First of all, you should know that family is very important in Ukraine, both to the children as well as the parents. As soon as you enter their home, you will most likely feel like you’re entering an interrogation room, which is not far from the truth.

You should know that they are not being rude or mean to you, they just want to know that their daughter is dating a good man.

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If you manage to gain the respect of her parents – there will be nothing left standing between the two of you and your happiness.

First thing you should do is to demonstrate an interest in meeting her parents. Ask her about their health and their life in general, it will show her that you not only care about her but her family as well.

Second thing you should do comes before you even arrive at their house. Buy a gift for her mother. It is a custom in Ukraine to bring a small present for the mother. You should get something sweet, maybe a box of chocolate, a cake, a pie, candy or something similar. You could but a present for the father as well, but it is not needed.

Third thing you should definitely take care of is your outer appearance. You should be well groomed and your hair should look good. Just don’t overdo it when it comes to dressing. You are not going out to a fancy restaurant, but that doesn’t mean that you should show up in shirts or something equally silly. Dress smart, make sure the clothes fit well and you will be good.

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Fourth thing happens when you arrive – greet them with a smile and shake the father’s hand confidently. You should shake the mother’s hand as well, but do it gently.

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Fifth thing is pretty important and you should never mess it up. Parents of your Ukrainian woman will invite you to the living room where they will talk to you and offer various traditional dishes. Under no circumstances should you say no to the food they are offering you. It is very insulting to refuse food in any culture, the same goes for Ukraine. While you are eating, try talking to her parents about something relaxing; maybe tell them some details about your childhood, your hobbies and your job.

Sixth tip is pretty important as well, and the success of it depends greatly on what kind of a person you are. You should show them that you are a confident man who knows what he wants, someone who isn’t afraid to take the initiative and do what’s right for their daughter.

Show them that you are polite and a gentleman. Keep in mind that your intentions are to date their daughter and maybe marry her one day, so show them that you are serious about her.

We hope that these six small tips will help you out greatly with dealing with the parents of your lovely Ukrainian woman. Keep in mind that the last part depends greatly on what kind of a person you are, but don’t worry too much, be who you are and show that your intentions are pure and that you are a good person for their daughter.