How to get the courage to have hookups when you’re shy

Inexperienced people and introverted folks tend to lose courage while hookuping. Well, it’s better to gain your confidence back as shyness doesn’t make you any hotter. Be as sexy as you can.

“I used to be shy and timid with women and that’s why it never really worked”, Jason shares. “Then one of my friends encouraged me to stay confident always, and I learned some tricks on Youtube.

My own experience shows girls are rarely empathic. They rather trust what you tell and show them. So, if you play a cool guy, it will most probably impress them. Just keep the game going.

For instance, tell about your past hookups like if you had many and your casual partners enjoyed a lot. Also, train your body to look muscular and desired, it will confirm your words.

If you’re often nervous in front of hot people or potential lovers, recharge your batteries well before getting laid. Sleep enough, listen to your favourite music, do not drink much prior to hookups.

These simple secrets will help you look cooler and impress your casual partners the way you like”.