How To Seduce A Woman – 10 Unbeatable Methods

Seducing a woman is the most difficult thing for men. To seduce a woman, you need to learn about the art of attraction. If you know how to attract a girl, then it is quite easy to seduce a woman.

Some men start out with an advantage of attracting a woman because of their charming looks, high status and a cheerful smile. But you don’t need to worry now! I have already listed 10 Simple Ways on “How to attract a girl“.

How to seduce a woman

In this post, I am gonna reveal some unbeatable methods to seduce a woman.. But firstly, you should learn to attract a girl you like.


1. Don’t be a part of the herd – If the girl you like is amazing! Try to act as if you didn’t notice her.. Let her know that you’re different and is not attracted to her like other men. And she will surely come to talk with you as soon as you are able to draw her attention towards you. Also, if everyone else ignores her, then fulfill her needs for attention until she develops an interest in you.

2. Being Patient is the key – When you see a girl at your college or at your workplace, and she don’t even know your name.. Don’t be so excited..!! I have seen guys sending requests on social networks to a girl who don’t know even their name.. They are just trying their luck and nothing else.. No one has extra time to give it to strangers.. So, don’t act so weird.. You can just wait for a party or a social gathering or even wait for a trip where she will be present.. You have to make your moves in a calculated manner.. You can meet her and start with your introduction part..

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3. Pay close attention to her – When you have already had a few conversations with her.. Don’t be so quick and tell her that you like her. Even, its not the right time to ask for her phone number. Then, what you need to do next time you see her? All you need to do is to pay close attention to see if she likes your company or not.. Don’t rush things! Just wait for a signal to know if she’s interested.

Lemme tell you how you can know that she loves to be with you.. If she is that amazing girl who has been ignoring you, then she will be flirting with you.. And if she was shy before, now she will be giving you subtle signs and expect you to respond to them.

Be observant and learn how to interpret her body language.

4. Talk about hobbies – Don’t be so boring all the time! I have seen guys talking about the news of the day or something about work. Even, don’t ask what she did yesterday.. These kind of conversations always end quickly. If you like her and want her to be more interested in talking with you, then you should talk about exotic vacations, latest celebrity gossips, dreams, destiny or whatever you think that she is interested in.

5. Be relaxed and stay happy – Every time she’s with you.. Be relaxed and happy. When you are spending time together, don’t talk about your problems. Show that you are happy and satisfied with your life. Always maintain eye contact and smile. A confidential look in your eyes is the key to her heart. And never, ever look worried or angry in front of her.

6. Talk with other women – Next step that will surely help you in seducing her is to talk with other female friends that you both have in common.. Show that you’re interested in other women.. Make her feel jealous and take advantage of this..

7. Talk about $ex in a funny way – To seduce a woman, you have to take the conversation to delicate or taboo subjects.. Isn’t it? But make sure, you are really not so serious to talk on these topics.. When you talk about $ex related topics, do it in an indirect and a sophisticated manner.. You can say her like that – “sleeping is my second favorite thing to do in bed“. You can talk like these things..

8. Ask her out – You should learn to make a girl laugh before asking her out. And when she always seems to be glowing when she is with you.. When you find her looking at you and suddenly she looks away.. Then, this is right time to ask her on a first date. This is the perfect idea and the right time to ask her out on a date. When you’re involved with her romantically, just notice if she’s interested too! If she’s giving you more attention, then Brother! Its the right time to make a move.

9. Propose her – I have already mentioned some unique ways to propose a girl. Make sure, you know her mood and also when she’s already in love with you… If you act smart and work smarter, then you can surely get her in your life..

10. Turn on her – You need to master the art of kissing while turning her on.. All you need is to make her feel special and must know how to kiss a girl.. After you have learnt about kissing a girl, you need to go slow… After kissing her on lips, you need to kiss her on neck, shoulders and she will be so much attracted to you physically..