Pros and Cons of Sex Dating in New York City

It is not an easy task to describe New York sex dating scene in one word, even being a long time New Yorker. New York adult dating scene is endlessly diverse.  You will hardly ever find something more magical and at the same time horrifying than dating in New York City. It can be compared to a roller coaster ride. Sometimes, you two are truly in love, but sometimes, you can find yourself on a crazy hookup session. There is no telling what you will find, if you choose to satisfy your curiosity in sex in New York. New Yorkers take blow-job lessons, go to sex parties, watch air sex shows, look for sugar-daddies and -mommies and even have a museum dedicated to everything connected to sex. Thus, if you are not afraid, you can get into the seductive, scandalous and stimulating side of the New York City. In the present article you will find the positive and negative sides of adult dating in New York City.

Pros of Sex Dating in New York:Sexual life in New York is really magical. There is a common stereotype about New Yorkers that cannot slow the f*ck down. This is so true! People residing in this city can do sex dating almost on autopilot, not being worried about things taking place around; they do it fast and multi-task everything.

When it goes to someone special New Yorkers care about, then they become totally different. The romantic nature is finding its way out and hidden restaurants and venues come to the mind in a matter of several minutes. When you are in a special relationship with a New Yorker, you feel like seeing all the places you go for the first time.

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A truly good date has no price tag on it. New Yorkers don’t really care how expensive or cheap the place you two go is. The most important thing is that you two enjoy it. The times of expensive dating at the luxurious restaurants are gone. There are so many places to go to make your date special and have fun. It is a matter of your taste what you will choose.

Dating in New York is versatile. You get tons of options almost instantly, especially if you get on-line and look for New York singles there. Be sure there are lots of single people of different ages in New York City. Many single people are out every night of the week, walking in the park on weekends, going to the gym, etc. to attract your attention. Another option is cab rides that are known as a great way to hookup in New York.

Cons of Sex Dating in New York:

Though New York is a big city, everyone seems to know everyone. The city resembles a college campus to some extend. On your way to work you may meet your friend, whom you had sexual fun with last week and you two were not really sober. You may suddenly hit with someone, who has moved to New York recently and a strange feeling that this person did this for you follows you for the rest of the day.  And, finally, when you meet someone charming and special, whom you have mind-blowing sex with, you find him/her on Facebook or other social network and discover you have so many friends in common; among those there are your former lovers, people, who dumped you, your cousins, neighbors and this is not the end…

Sometimes, you get on a first date with a person you are interested in and on the third or fourth date you get acquainted with their friend. And this is your perfect match! Yes, they have been so perfectly created to live the rest of life with you… they are very hot and remarkable… This happens very often in New York City. Why? Well, the person you are currently in relationship with is frequently a friend of your future spouse.

Fortunately or unfortunately, you cannot escape New York’s adult dating scene if you live there. So, you have to accept it with all its “ups” and “downs”. Good luck in your adult dating, no matter what you are looking for!

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