Russia, a country with the “Only Child Syndrome”, how it can affect you and your fiancé’s sex life


In Russia life is very hard, especially in all of the regions beside Moscow and Saint Petersburg. That is why women and men while creating families usually have not more than one child, as they cannot afford their selves raising more than one. That resulted in the fact that women were usually working a lot in order to have at least some amount of money kept for the “black day” in order to be able to provide their child with everything needed, especially considering that after the woman is having a child she is not able to work at least for a year, as she needs to care the baby.

This way the lady prefers being far away from sex till the moment than the time to have a baby will come, as a result those Russian ladies are very shying. And of course there is a big issue from the man’s side that matters a lot as well.

Usually if there is something wrong with the man he keeps his silence, and there are various types of male silence. Together we will try to discover some of those mysteries. Men and women while living together are speaking completely different languages. It looks like something crazy but it really is so. Remember how often your attempts to make some agreement were totally crushing, almost all the time. The lady is saying one thing while her man is hearing a completely different one. Each female initiative would be completely stopped and diminished by her thoughtful man. Eighty percent of women are complaining that their men are almost not speaking with them, what does their silence mean?

According to the statistics that was brought by the American scientists of the human being soul, on one hundred of lying females there is only one lying male. And as a must this one male soul usually belongs to some artistic profession. So is it really true that women are lying so much while main are so honest? Of course it is not. Simply men are holding a special gift of keeping silence instead of not telling the truth they are simply not saying anything.

In our childhood parents are educating each child in a different way usually. With girls they are being more pampering and they are allowed to cry or being shying, those little girls are always cared by their parents who feel sorry for their sufferings and who try to calm them down without even criticizing them even in the case of urgent need in that, while the boy with this kind of behavior will be called “mother’s little son”.

A grown up man has his own built in ideal formula of behavior, he is strong, free and he is always hiding his feelings. While the lady wants from her man everything in a vice versa way, she wants him to talk about his feelings, she wants him to trust her and she wants him to be emotional.

Man honestly doesn’t understand how the lady is able to speak for hours over the phone while speaking of the people she knows. Of course between men there are people who are spreading rumors as well, but usually they are exception. Man is usually much busier with his own personality and he doesn’t have anything to do with people who are surrounding.

The lady while spreading the rumors is usually trying to fill the soul vacuum. Discussing with some female friends over the phone the love affair of their mutual friend she is sort of getting closer to someone else’s soul sufferings.

Woman while saying all of her problems aloud usually see some negative reaction, man is used to think of all the ways of solving a problem and giving a ready answer. Lady enjoys more the process of discussion. When man is reading a newspaper or watching some football game it is difficult for him listening to his lady, but even after finishing with those very important things to do he is still sleeping away from the conversation with his lady while finding something else to do.

Man is not saying that “everything is good” but is not even saying that “everything is bad”. So this way the person is sort of being in the middle of all of the suspicions and hopes, and man is not planning to say anything concrete. Beside smiles and silly sayings like “you are my best” no one will be able to have more from him. And your angry or upset face and getting red nose will be accepted by him like a sort of showing off the character and nothing else. And the only thing that will come up your mind whether I can speak serious with him or not?

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While when he is trying to hide something that is really bothering him than his behavior is totally changing. Let’s say he has some problems at work, this matter is very serious for each kind of man and it has a very high importance. On this subject people are usually not joking, they are simply closing their selves from inside and keep silence about everything. And no person will be able to take a word from them in the case if he will not wish to tell everything by himself.

Though there are some other options: when you see that he is not feeling very well or is sad about something, or he is eating some pills and looks very sad or like he is suffering only in those moments than he is completely sure that you are not able to see him in this moment. On your questions is everything ok he is laughing and smiling a lot while saying that everything is just great. Of course it all means that he considers himself as very successful knights, while you on his place would cry a lot about the evil boss who is treating you not well and would certainly tell him about the horrible headache that you have. That is the real female power- to look and to seem weak.

Do not try making him telling you all the truth while torturing him with physical and moral questionnaires, as he will become even more hiding. It is better to act with usual female ways, like: tenderness and intellect. Men secrets are in the hands of each woman. Men are usually thinking with their head instead of thinking with their heart that is why the world of emotions it is a completely strange world for him. He is not able to describe with the words all the sufferings he is going through that is why he is not discussing your relationship. His silence means not the lack of feelings but simply the lack of ability to describe them. That is why in order to deal with men you need to know three smart things:

1)     How to choose the correct time for speech.

2)     How to create a question.

3)     And to give time to the man to think of your questions.

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