Russian Woman/ Learn Her Communication Style

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Long-distance relationship has become a part of life for many Western men, who decided to look for their future wives abroad, in Russia in particular. Indeed a long-distance relationship is hard to maintain, but it is a possible thing. The most important thing that makes any relationship work is communication and it is also vital for a long-distance relationship.

To make the communication successful you need to determine her communication style and preferences. This will ease your interaction and will allow to move forward, not feeling herself uncomfortable or under pressure. You can choose some of the following questions to ask your Russian woman to find out her communication style. If your Russian lady’s English skills are basic make sure you paraphrase these questions, so that she can get the meaning.

What sort of communication you prefer most of all: in flesh, on phone or e-mail?

How frequent would you like to talk to me? Every day, every 3 days, every week?

How do you think, are you more a listener or a speaker by nature?

Do you like humor in communication?

Do you find eye-contact important during communication?

Do you like to debate? Why? Why not?

How do you feel when moments of silence appear in conversation? Are you ok with this?

Are you comfortable to talk about your relationship? How often?

What are your favorite topics for discussion?

How long it usually takes you to bring up something that bothers you?

When you are upset, do you like to communicate or not?

Does it happen to you interrupt people? How do you feel about being interrupted?

Do you feel ok about sharing secrets or you don’t do this at all?

Are there any topics you are not yet ready to discuss? Etc.

Statistics says that long-distance relationship is usually closer and more open as the relationships of those in the reach. This is determined by the fact that in a long-distance relationship partners spend more quality time on communication and are more open to each other.

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