Russian women at

Russian woman are very popular in any corner of the world. They really interest foreign men, because these ladies are very attractive. A lot of foreigners dream about relations with Slavic woman. But what is special in Russian woman and what should you do to conquer their hearts?

These small tips will help you find out more about Russian ladies.

  1. Russian women, in contrast to the women of other nations are more feminine. They love to dress up and take care of themselves, all the time they want to look at 100%! Short shorts, high heels, sexy dresses, make-up – this is normal for Slavic girls. These ladies have everything that attracts men from all over the world. They easily attract everyone with the rich inner world. Almost all representatives of the fair sex, who live in Russia, are proud of their country’s history, their roots, customs and traditions. Especially those one who were born in the homeland of world-famous talented poets and writers, artists and composers.
  2. Almost all Russian ladies are well-educated. They are interesting to talk with, women can discuss some political, economical and scientific events. They spend a lot of time reading and developing themselves.
  3. Except the beauty and intelligence, Russian ladies are very unpretentiousness. Foreigners believe that Slavic girls are not spoiled by the wealth, beautiful things, the possibility of a vacation abroad and so on. In some cases this is true. But in general Russian ladies work a lot and gain money, that’s why they have great possibilities to buy expensive and beautiful clothes, as well as travel not only in Russia but also worldwide. It means that these girls do not want to marry for money, they want to find true love.
  4. The main task of every Russian woman is to create a family. For these ladies this point is the most important part of the life. They have traditional views on male and female roles. A man should be a breadwinner who earns money and provides a decent life, and the woman is considered as the mistress and mother. Nowadays, a lot of women use every opportunity to get a good knowledge, find a good job and build a successful career. Nevertheless, the family life is always at the first place for Russian ladies.
  5. One more important fact is that Russians are great housewives. This quality of Slavic ladies is highly appreciated by people all over the world.
  6. The Russian ladies want to build happy and strong family life, that why it is so important for every lady to become wife and mother. They will be completely satisfied only in this role. Many leave the job to devote the life to the husband and children. The whole Russian culture teaches that a woman finds happiness in motherhood.
  7. It can be a surprise for you, but Russian women are not interested in your money. They care and love you even if you are mot a millionaire. And if you desire to impress a woman with the wealth, you will get a negative reaction. Russians show that your inner world is much more important than the bank account.
  8. Russian women love romance. They love when they are presented with flowers, dedicating poems. Moreover, it is expected that you will treat the girl like a lady and will behave like a gentleman. They love little gifts, but can opt out of expensive offerings, because they do not like to be obligated.
  9. If you are lucky enough to win the heart of a Russian girl, you should also love her family. Russian families are very strong and cohesive. If you manage to win the trust of girl’s family they will treat you with love and care.