Searching For a Russian Woman, Honesty Is the Best Policy

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During your on-line dating experience with Russian brides you always have a temptation to show yourself from a better side, ‘smoothing out the creases’ of your personality a little bit. As the communication happens not face-to face, but with the means of internet, it is easier to use lies now and then to create a better image of you. The image you work on in the internet would be more smooth and polished than you are in real life. However, it will remain on the level of image only and will have nothing to do with the real you.

Never do this! Even a small lie can be revealed sooner or later and who knows what it can result into. If you are looking for a serious relationship with a Russian woman leading to a marriage, the time when you will live together will come in future. She will reveal the truth anyway. In real life you will have to live with real each other and not the internet faked images.

However, this doesn’t mean you cannot be flirty, creative and inventive. This is very much welcomed! Russian women dream of this sort of courtship. However, don’t hide the truth. Be open and honest with your Russian lady. If you don’t want to answer some of her questions to the small details, you can provide her with general answers, getting deeper into details in the course of your relationship. If you are not ready to answer this or that question, be honest and tell her you are not ready to answer the question now, but promise if things develop well, you will certainly come back to this topic. If you don’t want to frighten your new Russian acquaintance by the ugly truth, try not going into the details, when discussing the things.

And don’t be afraid, if a Russian woman would fall in love with you, she will love you with all your sides, including your demerits and bad sides, just be open and honest to let her love you!