Types of Russian brides.

Russian bridesRussian women abroad are either Russian wives of foreigners, or they are simply people who are travelling abroad, in order to see something new in their life. Russian wives in general at the beginning have a difficult life, as no one likes and loves them except their husbands, as the surrounding foreigners at the beginning don’t know what to expect from her, whether she will bring something nice with her presence, or she is a hidden enemy, so it takes some time until foreign people start liking them. And at the same time Russian people who are in America for quite a long period of life (the immigrants) do not like them due to the fact that they had to go through a lot of difficulties until the moment when they could finally live normally, and those “brides” come and get a great life right immediately without working hard upon it, like they did.

And those Russian brides usually can be divided into two categories, the ones who “sold” their selves for the sake of green card, and the ones who really love their foreign husbands. Eventually there are more of Russian brides who really love their husbands, as they look happy, have a lot of children and lead a happily ever after life.

There are a few types of Russian wives. The first one is the Malvina girl, usually the age of this type of brides varies from eighteen to twenty eight, they never went through a difficult times in the economy while growing up, but they certainly hate the situation that is going on in their country, that is why they are trying to do everything they can in order to “escape” somewhere abroad, as for them the grass is always “greener” somewhere else beside their place of living, that is why they are never happy with the things they have and always try to get something more than they can possibly have. They dream about Hollywood, palms, blondes in luxurious cars, fashion weeks in New York, as well as the entire American dream.

The second type of the Russian bride is the woman who hates all the Russian men, as a long time ago she had some bad experience, one of the guys she dated kept promising her for eight years that he will divorce soon, the other one was cheating on her, and the third one was beating her very hard. She is divorced, or never was married, while the years keep passing, and she comes to the conclusion that all the Russian men are bastards- and that is logically bringing her to the point that all the foreigners are made of “gold” that there are no men better than they are. That is why those women usually change their image completely and start chasing their American dream.ruswife

The third type would be a mother, who has spent her entire life working at a few jobs at the same time, she was doing all the work at home and at the same time raising children, but her salary was never enough, and that is why she came to the conclusion that this country has done nothing good in order to help her carrying on the difficult life that she has placed on her fragile shoulders. Her main thought is “my children deserve something better than that”, she dreams of Harvard or at least Cambridge for her children, and that is why she decides to sacrifice herself and finds a old foreigner to marry, as she believes she can stand it for the sake of her children. It is a bad thing to say but usually this type of women is often use by the dating agencies in order to keep them into all the dating stuff.

And what is next? Eventually it is important to keep in mind that the main thing in order to be happy is being honest with yourself in the first place, and of course if your thoughts are nice and clear than eventually life and fate will pay you back with the same thing and you will be able to find a man with whom to be eternally happy, as that is really something possible.

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