Why is Badoo the best dating app for Latin America?

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Why Badoo is the best dating app for Latin Americans

Latin America is an outstanding choice for a summer vacation. Or any vacation, for that matter, especially if you want to come here to make a few good acquaintances of feminine nature. It’s always a good vacation goal if you plan to come to Latin America. And if you do come here for that, you’ll probably need a trusty dating app for it. Good thing that Badoo is the best dating app for this region.

But why is that so? What do Latin Americans find in Badoo, why don’t they use something of their own design, and what good does it all do you specifically? Let’s see.

Do they even like such apps?

If you ask, whether they like dating online or not, then the answer is pretty simple. Yes, they are, and for a few solid reasons:

  1. Firstly, a lot of Latin Americans are very passionate about a number of things, including their relationships. If the Internet allows them to spend even more time dating someone than they usually do;
  2. Secondly, a lot of more tourist-attractive countries in Latin America use the Internet on an even more daily basis than some Europeans, which says a lot. Hence, they don’t really have any problem doing such something as important as dating on the Internet.

Latin America is one of the largest markets for dating, don’t even worry about plunging into any unfamiliar environment,

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Why Badoo, exactly?

Statistically speaking, Badoo is the best dating app for dating Latin Americans because they prefer this app over others. With it, you’ll be able to hookup anyone in the closest vicinity with breaking the sweat. Especially since the Latin American community of Badoo is one of the biggest in the world. There are simply a lot of loyal users in this region.

But there are other reasons, of course. The community didn’t create itself out of thin air and for no reason at all. Badoo has a few interesting features that make dating for Latin Americans a lot more comfortable than other apps could. Likewise, it also makes dating Latin Americans easier for you, due to these features.

What are these features

Badoo is one of the two leading apps of this category, alongside Tinder. Tinder has a lot of advantages of its own, something Badoo doesn’t have. Badoo, of course, has a few very mechanics that Latin Americans find most helpful. For instance, an opportunity to define your interests and search according to them.

They work in the shape of hashtags. You put a bunch onto your own profile to let people know what you’re interested in. You can put whatever you like and in whatever amount you want. It’s advised, however, to be moderate and straight-forward. This way, more like-minded people will be able to find you.

Exactly why it helps you date Latin Americans is because most of them like a serious relationship that lasts at least a bit longer than a night. And even for one night, you’ll have to talk about something you both like. They are extremely emotional, so you can expect that everyone who’ll seem to like you will try to make some connection with you. And that implies being at least somewhat likeminded.

The best countries for Badoo

Latin America, of course, isn’t just one country with the same environment throughout the region. There are some countries less suited for trying to hookup people via the Internet, though using Badoo may help.

There are several countries where you won’t only be able to date online, but do it successfully, even more so with this app:

  1. Chile
  2. Argentina
  3. Brazil
  4. Uruguay
  5. Mexico
  6. Columbia
  7. Jamaica
  8. Venezuela

Doing it in other countries of Latin America will surely bring you results, but they won’t be as splendid, mostly because some of the less developed countries of the region aren’t that familiar with the concept of online dating, and some aren’t even friendly with the Internet.

What’s the best country for a dating trip

If you’ve already settled on your destination, you’ll have to live with your choices. However, some Latin American countries, as vaguely demonstrated above, are better at dating than others. That’s why you need the best dating app there is for them.

If the only thing you settled on is your wish to visit Latin America, then you have quite a few options. Bearing in mind the requirements and the circumstances of dating culture in this region, it’s best for you to consider a few countries for the vacation. 


Chile is overall the best choice for the vacation in South America. It’s very similar to Europe in many ways, like modern technology, values, openness, and the development level. On another hand, Chile obviously feels very Latin. The Western touch mostly affects the exterior, the country itself won’t cease to amaze you.

Especially if what you want is the interaction with local women, which is a very sweet experience. Moreover, Chile is one of the nations where Badoo is most popular, hence it’s the best dating app for the Chileans.

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If you want to plunge into a more surprising environment, however, and not lose a lot of comfort on the way, you should better visit Argentina. In its essence, Argentina is very Western, making it very comfortable for the Europeans and the Americans to stay there.

Besides, Argentina is one of the countries where dating is part of the ordinary routine. Of course, Argentineans are very passionate, and there are tons of hobbies that the local women will be glad to share with you. In that case, Badoo will do great.


Uruguay is one of the less known countries of the continent. Nonetheless, it’s also one of the most comfortable in the area. It’s rich, beautiful, and the women here aren’t any worse than their counterparts in neighboring countries.

It is, in fact, very much advise to come to Uruguay rather than to Argentina or Chile. The latter two are full to the brim with the tourists, but Uruguay is much less of an attraction. That’s why there won’t be much competition here.


Brazil is very different from its Southern neighbors. Apart from the surface differences, like Portuguese instead of Spanish or the ethnic composition, there are several provisos regarding mentality and Brazilian life in general. 

Somehow, for instance, you’re much more likely to find a hookup here, rather than a date (meaning the personal trivia is less important than the intimacy itself). The Internet is also much less used, not to mention the lack of English on Brazilian Net. However, even here Badoo will prove more useful than other apps. Here’s how.


Badoo allows you to designate the languages you know for all those who want to know. It may not feel like an improvement since most dating apps do it anyway. However, Tinder doesn’t. It always comes down to these two — Tinder and Badoo — there aren’t any more date apps of this caliber. 

Badoo, unlike Tinder, allows you to see all the personal information a user bothered to tell you, as well as some characteristics of theirs, like bilingualism, for instance. This filter comes in handy in countries like Brazil, where English isn’t respected too much. 

Manually, you’d have to go through a very tedious job sorting out those who can speak English. And even those who do don’t always tell you about it, preferring to set up the profile entirely in the native tongue.

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Compared to Tinder

If you are unfortunate enough to have bought Tinder before reading this article, don’t despair. Latin Americans don’t scoff on the other platforms, especially if they are deeper than just a hookup simulator. However, if an app is truly just a hookup simulator, it shouldn’t do much damage, it’s also a thing in these parts.

Tinder, unfortunately, is more of a hookup app, it doesn’t have as much depth when it comes to bringing people together. Search patterns only involve distance, age, and gender, which isn’t much to go by.

Anyway, Tinder is still a worldwide app with tons of users from all inhabited continents. Most Latin Americans prefer Badoo, but the Tinder community is still pretty sizeable.

Where Tinder is useful

Again, Tinder is still one of the most downloaded apps across Latin America. Despite this, it can’t offer much competition to Badoo in this field. Both apps work very well across much of Latin America, occupying the same niche. Tinder, however, is more suited to hookup dates, rather than usual dates. And whereas Latin Americans do both, the latter option will give you more potential matches.

In Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Central America, neither app has any solid footing, for obvious reasons. Mexico is an enormous source of revenue for Badoo Trading Ltd. 

The only place where Latin Americans use Tinder more often than Badoo is the United States. This is due to the nation-wide preference that reflects on most Americans. Dating Latin Americans, however, is probably not something people come to the United States for. If ever you decide to visit Texas, Nevada, or California specifically, you know which app will work better, however.

In conclusion

Tinder, the second-most-used dating app in Latin America, isn’t useless. It allows for a certain type of dating, all the while having a sizeable community in this region. Badoo, however, is by far the best dating app for meeting the Spanish-speaking people. Even the Spanish themselves choose it over anything else, which gives you an advantage of numbers.

Apart from this, Badoo also makes it easier to start a passionate relationship with one of the Latin ladies, wherever you are. It’s a much more preferable sort of dating to most Spanish-speaking people, and Badoo is very proficient at bringing people together like this due to its interests tab that all users can set up individually. 

All in all, Badoo is a very good dating app, which you use in your own hometown, as well as Latin America and virtually any corner of the Earth. And if you want to know more about online dating as a whole, go watch the video below: